Available Courses In Belarus

In Belarus, there are thousands of Courses offered in the top Universities and colleges, these universities are categorized into three classes: Medical Universities, Technical and technological universities and Classical colleges and universities. And the courses offered are also classified into Graduate Undergraduate Courses, Post-graduate Courses and Preparatory courses.
The following are the courses offered by Belarusian University institutions, remember that these course and their implication varies depending on the university and it terms of Educational Operations.

Undergraduate courses in Belarus

Medicine and Surgery, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Genetic Engineering and Tissue engineering, engineering and Medical devices engineering, Medical imaging and Bioinstrumentation, Neural Engineering, Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, Business Administration, Hotel Management and Tourism, Economics and Marketing, International Relationship, Accounting and Audit, Economics and Cybernetics, Air Traffic Control, Aircraft Flight Oation (Pilot), Aircraft Equipment, Mechanical Engineering, The Metalcuting Tools and Instruments, Mechanical Equipment of Ferrous Metallurgy Plants, Industrial and Civil Engineering, Architecture Building Materials, Articles and Constructions Production, Real Estate Extise and Management, Buildings Planning, Marine Oil and Gas Constructions, Computer and Software Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Computer Systems and Networks, Biomedical Electronics Technology, Applied mathematics and informatics Faculty sea ship navigation, Faculty of radio electronics Ship mechanical faculty, Oil and Gas Engineering, Mining Industry and Exploitation of Minerals, Ship mechanical faculty and navigation and oation, Agronomy and Horticulture & Viticulture, International Economic Management, Technology of Fruits & Vegetables Storage & Processing, Automated Control of Technological Processes Ecology & Environment Protection, Technology of Catering and Food Industry Equipment, International Law Faculty, Metallurgical Faculty, Philosophy and Political Faculty, Art and Music Faculty, usMine Surveying Chemical Production Machines and Apparatuses, Accounting and Business Management, Economics and Marketing, Agricultural Management and Finance, Business Administration, Foreign Economic Activity Hotel Management and Tourism.

Post-graduate Courses (M.Phil. Ph.D.)

Mechanics, Physics, Biological Sciences, Engineering Sciences as Mechanical Engineering and Science of Materials, Physical and engineering Processes and Equipment (as well as plasma and PVD coatings), Power, Metallurgic and Chemical Mechanical Engineering, Transport, mining and construction Mechanical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Instrument-making, Metrology and information-measuring Devices and Systems, Informatics and Computing Machinery, Metallurgy, Power Engineering, Transport, Civil Engineering, Economic Sciences, Theory and Methods of professional Training, Architecture and Ecology.

Preparatory Courses in Belarus:

Preparatory are Courses offered by Belarusian Institutions (Universities) to foreign students. They are training courses for tests required or used for admission to an institution of higher learning or graduate school.

The Russian language is very important and so is required in most of the Belarusian universities thus preparatory course can be an advantage for foreign (international) students. For Example: If you want to study medicine (MBBS) in Russian medium, then you must take at least a year preparatory course, which includes learning Russian language as well as fundamental subjects needed for medicine such as physics, chemistry and biology.